Lawn Module & Sloper Memorials

Lawn Sloper Memorial Specialists

There are many different types of cemetery memorials, but two of the most popular are lawn modules and sloper memorials. Ken Slater Memorials specialise in both of these types of memorials and can be created and customised to fit the needs of the family.

Granite, Marble, Plaques or Headstones

Cemetery lawn memorials are, as the name suggests, designed to be placed on a lawn in a cemetery. They are usually made from granite or marble and can be either headstones or plaques. The main benefit of cemetery lawn memorials is that they are relatively simple to install, and can be placed without the need for a foundation.

Custom Lawn Slopers

Lawn modules are a type of cemetery memorial that is placed on the ground. They are usually made of granite or marble and can be customised with different colours, shapes, and sizes. Lawn modules can be used to commemorate a single person or a family. They can also be used to mark the location of a loved one's grave.

Durable Lawn Slopers

Sloper memorials are a type of cemetery memorial that is placed on a slope. The main benefit of sloper memorials is that they are much more durable than cemetery lawn memorials, and can withstand weathering and ground movement.

Celebrate Your Dearly Departed

We can guide you through the difficult choice and help you to select the perfect memorial lawn module or sloper to commemorate the life of your dearly departed. 

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