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Commemorating the life of your loved one is a service that we hold dear to our hearts. At Ken Slater Memorials, we specialise in all types of memorials for different Asian cultures including;




Indonesian and more.

Asian cultures have many different types of gravestones, each with their own unique features. We can guide you and your family through the selection process during your time of need. 

Chinese Memorials

There are many different types of Chinese gravestones, which are usually made of granite or marble. These stones are usually inscribed with the name of the deceased, their birth and death dates, and a short poem or saying. Other common features of Chinese gravestones include relief carvings of animals or scenes from nature and carved or painted images of the deceased.

No matter what type of Chinese gravestone you choose, it is important to remember that it is a way to honour and remember your loved ones who have passed away.


There is a great deal of variation in the types of gravestones found in Vietnamese culture. The most common type of stone used for Vietnamese memorials is granite, which is durable and easy to carve. A wide variety of other stones used, including marble, sandstone, and limestone. Other materials used for gravestones in Vietnamese cultures include wood, ceramic, metal, and even glass. These are less common than stone, but they can be very beautiful.

No matter what material they are made of, Vietnamese gravestones often feature a variety of carvings and decorations. The most common designs are flowers, birds, and animals. Words and phrases are also often carved into gravestones, especially in memory of the deceased.


There are many types of ways people of Buddhist faith choose to memorialise their loved ones.

Whatever your faith or culture, Ken Slater Memorials can assist you in choosing the most beautiful way to commemorate your loved one. We help you through the process and ensure your family member is remembered in a culturally significant and important way.

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